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Decholest Tea

Decholest Tea nstant Mulberry Tea Anti Decholest and Phycemia To Decrease quatity of cholest in Blood vessel Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves-slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.Thich Nat Hahn

Price: US$9.99

Twin Linear LNBF-10750Ghz (Standard) Suitable for Existing Analog and Digital 97W, AMC4 @ 101W, E9/IA13 @ 121W, G10R @ 123W, G13/H1 @ 127W and more

Price: US$24.99


TheNEW!! Best Galaxy 19 @ Both Satellite 97W & SES 1 @ 101W

You can Watch 97 Satellite(10 Channels Free Nat TV Lao champa tv and more)and 101 Satellite (TVpool 40 channels)Use the ESX5421U to get signal from two of your favorite satellites. Excellent for reception of Galaxy 19 @ 97W & SES 1 @ 101W. The ESX5421U is the only LNBF that comes with a full 2-year warranty (Thoes isall the Best Thai and Lao TV)

Price: US$24.95

Twin LNBF For Linear Sats such as IA5 @ 97W, AMC4 @ 101W, E9/IA13 @ 121W, G10R @ 123W, G13/H1 @ 127W and more

Price: US$39.99


Free To Air C/Ku Band Direct To Home Satellite Receiver

High-End digital receiver, with 2-year warranty, Blind Scan, & HDMI Output

Price: US$89.99

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Welcome to Lao Champa Shop Online

Welcome to Lao Champa Tv shop online and TV live from California and Thailand TVpool Satellite Box  Authorized Thai Tv Dealer Satellite Box and Internet TvPool up to 40 Click here to Order and Free to Air Company Pansat, Viewsat, Coolsat, Sonic View Top of The line for Free To Air Receiver. All Satellite Component and Accesories Ketron Keyboard Authorized Dealer in  USA

 Is a Leading Global Seller of the Karaoke, Professional System , Home Theather and Commercial Electronics) equipment to consumers through authorized By VOCOPRO Dealer It's The company offers a complete line of KARAOKE and Electronics equipment including Complete Line Constantly striving to innovate, we invent, engineer and deliver quality KARAOKE products at an affordable price for our customers. And Also Lao Music CD, DVD, VCD, Lao Keyboard Slyles



DA-2200PRO DA-2200PRO
  • 11 step digital Key-controller
  • Professional digital echo with repeat and delay controls
  • Multi audio control
  • Twin stereo audio/video inputs allow two separate A/V sources to be used
  • Our Price: US$209.00
    Was: US$339.00


    DA-3800 PRO DA-3800 PRO
  • 100W + 100W Maximum Power Output Mixing Amplifier
  • 9-Step Digital Key Controller for Transposing Natural Key of Source Music
  • Digital Echo with Repeat and Delay Controls to Add Depth and Space to Vocals
  • Our Price: US$299.00
    Was: US$399.00


    KJ-6000 KJ-6000

    Digital Karaoke Mixer with Digital Key Control

  • 2 channels with a total of 4 input choices, CD/PHONO and AV each
  • Professional style crossfader
  • 4 microphone inputs, including one XLR and three 1/4"
  • 2 separate mixed LEVEL and EQ controls; one control panel for each pair of mics/ adds the equivalent of 2 additional channels
  • Our Price: US$199.00
    Was: US$319.00



    With Pitch Control

  • 1 DA-3700 PRO 200W Digital Key Control Karaoke Mixing Amplifier
  • 1 CDG-8800 PRO Professional Dual-Deck CD/CD+G Player
  • 1 VX-8 Stereo 8" Vocal Speaker System
  • 1 RC-6 Professional Carpeted Road Case w/Casters
  • 1 SS-88 speaker stand for optional mounting
  • 2 GMC-301 9ft. MDP to MDP (banana plug) speaker cable
  • Our Price: US$849.00
    Was: US$1,399.00


    SUB-1200 SUB-1200
  • 120 Watts of booming bottom-end bass sound!
  • 12" Long-Throw woofer to reproduce low frequency's
  • 2 Large Ports to release acoustic energy for Lower Frequency Response
  • Our Price: US$229.00
    Was: US$339.00


    VHF-3000 VHF-3000
    Dual Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System
    Our Price: US$99.00
    Was: US$139.00